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id_locke's Journal

12 September
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I am a published author in the male/male erotic genre under the author name ID Locke. This journal is for all my publicly available original projects as well as news/updates on what I have in the works. A good portion of the fiction here will likely be NC-17 so use caution when viewing.

I am under contract to Torquere Press under the author name ID Locke.

Blind Desire, a full length erotic novel is available for purchase.
Flying Lead Change is my first published short story in the Taste Test: Legendary Creatures and is available for purchase.
Slave To The Blood, a novelette is available for purchase.

If you're looking for the fanfiction I write under the pen name Iron Dog or the everyday chatter about BJD's, life, the universe and everything, go to 2metaldog and browse through my Memories.

I've got a page on the GLBT wiki site, too.